Marcuss & Star

This was a request I full filled for some friends. And my first anime style character. ;)


Overall a great piece. I like the characters diversity. I would have like to see the two characters shaded in the same syle though. Nothing major, just distracts me a bit


That happened from starting the piece then getting side tracked and coming back much later to finish.
I can see the difference in my technique, which in a way is kind of cool but it is distracting. lol
The Mando was done first before I asked for a bit of help with technique, the Niko was after.
The shading techniques used on the Niko are much smoother, not as choppy as the Mando.
I have to give props to all those that pointed me or gave me the tips that attribute to the advancement. ;)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."


KEEEEE!!!! A Cat Girl!!! Yay!! :-D!! That's...kind of alot of tails though... Only kitsune's have that many tails ;)