Lokksnek - Trandoshan Doctor

Request by Derf


Aaaaaaah, loving it!! I think the colour scheme is my favourite thing about this pieces, it's so pleasing to look at.

I. J. Thompson

Fantastic! And so nice to see a Trando who isn't fixin' to tear somebody's head off. Bravo!


Dunno how I missed this one in the last batch.

Great way to break the stereo type there Drig!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

If your going to complement me, don't tell me my work is neat, cool or awesome. If you really like it, tell me why you like it and what you like about it. Only then I'll take it as a complement.


How is it that I dont recall seeing any of your stuff.....it appears to all be wonderful and just the kind of thing I would love to gush over....so....GUSH....These a great.


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