"Lilliandra Adian" Arkanian Offshoot Techie

"The councils deemed that use of the drifter mines were neccessary for the proper defense of the starport near the outer fringes..."

Lilliandra waved her palm over the sensor and the news hologram dissipated. She picked up goggles on the desk and and put them on her head as she got up.

'The mundacity of politics to make it not appear that a 'defense contractor lobbyist' was in on this from the start'; she thought to herself.

She looked over at the fried repulsor engine and felt glad she no longer dealt with the peculiar quirks of sentient beings.  Picking up a plasma solder that was on top of the pit droid she kept in the shop, she walked over to the access panel.

Those pit droids were weird in a funny sort of way but she couldn't have a helper or droid in her shop that at least wasn't able to lift what she could. Lilliandra primed the solder a few times and engrossed herself in the inner workings of the engine...

as requested by TheShaggy1.


Oh, man!  I love the line work here.  I am also quite taken with the lighting and use of color.  As an added bonus, the subject is just adorable.  Nicely done!


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