Kloorai Pab

Kloorai Pab, a female Red Nikto medic requested by Derf.


Oh that is very, very nice!!

I don't know how you've pulled it off- maybe just through those simple lines of background terrain? But usually where leaving a piece of the figure hanging off the 'page' would be irritating, I think you've actually made the portrait all the more interesting. She looks GREAT. :D


Ohhh WOW! That is one of my favorites!!! She is so graceful, that pose, that clothing!
And nice job, Derf tooo, with such a cool character



Thanks Hish, I've been taking a kind of intuitive approach...

You know, Tuss, I actually meant to finish that bit, and even started drawing it, but then I cropped her hand (and a piece of the background) out, and I liked it for some reason. So I'm glad it worked out.

Roz, I can't get enough of Derf's characters! I don't know why, but I love 'em! How many requests have I done for that guy....? lol



Great job ! Very nice indeed.

Thank you so much Asok...

The requests you have done for me :

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You have a feat for sublimate my characters! Your designs are very useful to me and are excellent source of inspiration in my RPG.



I think this is another favourite for me - great gesture in the pose & expression in the face. Colouring is top notch too.


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