Jedi Intro Cierra Reylen

Cierra Reylen was a Jedi. She was the mother of Brit Brega and played a major role in the Clone Wars She sided with the clusterists of the Stern Sector along with a few others. This piece is another element for the mock coverposter of the book.


well, there's really nothing to critique here lol! This is a really lovely piece. What really grabs me is her facial expression, something lightly intense. Like she's focusing on a potential target or using her eyes to tell her opponent, "Try it. Just try it."
Some more comments: Her hair is really nice! I hate drawing hair, so I know that you put some work into making it look real. I think you get an A+ for this one!

Lord Crumb

I agree. This looks so real. A most excellent picture you have done and the story continues for intriguing characters you have created. What else is in Brit Brega's past? One can only guess.

-LC :-D


I honestly can't tell if there is a photo used or not. It looks like you used a photo, but then, it doesn't. Either way it's great work. I guess if you can't tell, that's how you know it's good.


I did use a couple web pics of actress Brooke Langton and a few of Mace Windu's Jedi robes. I spent around 7 hours working the lighting and tone.


Were the photos used just as reference, or as part of the final? I honestly can't tell. And like I said earlier, if you used a photo, and I can't tell, It's great work, and if you didn't, it's great work. You really can't lose, hehe.


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