Il Modean prior to his downfall

Following a tip from Dominin, Modean discovered the fortress on Corridor known as Mount Celadriss. While exploring, he came across a vault inside containing a number of intriguing artifacts and machines, many of them actually Sith artifacts. His curiosity proved too much for him and he began to study the devices, learning things forbidden to the Jedi such as the mechu-deru and Sith Alchemy.

Found Sinun Nella not long after his discovery of Mount Celadriss. Doesn't kill him, as he thinks Nella can assist him in his studies of the Dark Side, despite continued protests from Inra Runun. Modean saw a Force-sensitive being actually under the sway of the Dark Side as an oppurtunity too great to pass up. He returned with the Anzat to Corridor, where he allowed him to feed on Inra's "soup".

The Jedi Council had made attempts to reach Il Modean following unrest in the Stern Cluster, but Modean was too busy at Corridor to respond. He was warned by Dominin that the Council was sending two Jedi to search for him. to throw them off his trail, he allowed Sinun Nella to drink deeply from his Padawan's "soup", and sent Nella back to the Cluster with both Modean and his Padawan's lightsabers. Il Modean was preparing to take the final step on his path to discovering the full potential of the Dark Side, and could brook no interruptions; therefore, Nella would need to deal with the two interlopers.

Modean's search for knowledge led to the sacrifice of his Padawan, when he used her in his experiments with the Sith machines at Celadriss. Her death gave him the last piece of knowledge he needed to operate the alchemical machines, and he then turned them on himself. When he eventually emerged from the fortress, he had been transformed by the power of the artifacts into the Dark Jedi known as Maalaryon, and the Jedi known as Il Modean was no more.

Maalaryon first appeared to the galaxy at large in 24 BBY, during the First Mission to the Stern Cluster. He unleashed Sithspawn a Derriphan and technobeasts - to fight the two Jedi and escaped from their grasp.

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Lord Crumb

Intense! He doesn't look like someone you would want to piss off. I like the colors and expression of his face.

-LCT :-)


Interesting you should say that, Casca... I'm currently listening to Harlan Ellison's audiobook of SOLDIER... :P

Anyhoo... very detailed, especially the background. The man's rather unremarkable face is almost lost in the visual fireworks of his clothes and the background, but once the eye catches the bluish aura around him, you can't help but be drawn to that haughty, aristocratic countenance.


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