I've had these kicking around in various resource files for ages. Got them all into one, finally, and did a uniform shading run on them.

Probably pointless, but I thought I'd pop 'em up here for use.

All the guns are shown in side and plan elevations. There are a few turrets too.

The turrets have 'clear' section which will basically allow the hull to show through when doing a C&P with the background set as clear. This is a clumsy but fairly painless way of making them look mostly right.

Oh, if anyone does want to bolt 'em on to any of the exterior shots, then do save the exterior as a 16 million BMP first, that way there won't be any issues with the 256 palette being a pain.

Lastly, most if not all of the exterior ships I have here at SWAG are reduced versions. The full sized ones should be up at TORIS (See the mediums tag-line) very soon. These weapons are scaled to fit the full versions, I won't guarantee how they turn out on the reduced types.

Um. This is an unusually sensible Description for me.

Magic goblins! Woo! Woo! Trains of Doom from Kebabia!


Medium: Digital. Full version and more at TORIS