Gungan Slicer

Here is Acheron's request, a Gungan slicer who goes to where the money brings him. This of course, would take him into dangerous situations where his slicing skills is required to break into and retrieve data from hostile places. Although young and energetic, his weathered visage is a testament to his experiences. And it's been years since he stepped foot on Naboo. Media: Digital penciling and painting. Refer to this blog post for the WIP process.


I love the background in this picture... are those pictures you've done previously, or are they new to this image?

Evan Black

One thing I like about this piece is the lighting. Hish, you do an amazing job with that!

I also like the feel that this Gungan, while world-weary, is still "young and energetic" as the caption describes.

Great job!


Awesome! And thanks to your WIP posts, I finally know how you paint everything directly on the computer. Way to go, Hish!



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