Ghulshh Navess, Bust

This is something I whipped up recently when I decided to create a new and more realistic looking Ubese OC.

Ghulshh Navess, True Ubese force sensitive bounty hunter. Empire loyal and pissed at everyone, always.

Used the tablet I got for christmas along with the mouse at times to do this in ArtRage and respectively.

Used my own face for reference :)


Nice! Reminds me of KISS haha! Ubese without masks has always been a curiosity to me as well as tuskens.

Ghulshh Navess138

Lol, thanks. Yeah it does kinda remind one of KISS XD

But I was going more for "The Crow" with it but I'm happy with it either way, still looks bad ass imo.

Ubese have always really interested me, they aren't used much for anything in mainstream continuity and hardly any material of them maskless save for Boushh in evasive action: prey or the pale white ubese from Ultimate Alien Anthology which I based mine off of, but I gave him just a smidgeon of color to the pale white pallor.


Haha well somehow I have never seen the crow so you may have hit the nail on the head and I would be oblivious! Color is always good on skin. Lighting does crazy things to skin.