Ged and Brok

Brok Ledmingrezlinmagog, a pompous air-headed Balosar who only thinks he's smooth with the ladies, and Ged Allinag, a meek soft-spoken Khil always cleaning up after Brok, comprise the Yellow Nebula exploration team, scouring the deeps of space, braving unknown worlds and stopping at every spaceport cantina to pick up chicks. In this picture, Brok has just accidentally deactivated his ship's artificial gravity, but is ready to greet his boarding party. Gedd flails futilely to correct Brok's error.

The duo is based on the duo from Futurama. You know, the wannabe ladies man with the miniskirt and cowboy boots... you know...

Medium: Pen, Photoshop


Member since: 2007
New Jersey, United States