After years of fiddling with the Falcon, I finally gave up. I decided to do a modular deckplan system for generic YT-1300s instead. In doing so, certain things rapidlly became obvious.
The location of the recroom leapt out from the generic YT's basic shape. The only thing left to figure out was the gunwell.

You might spot the presence of two turret access ways, one, the centreline one, is the standard normal tube.
The other is the location of the tube on the Falcon.
The main trouble is that the Falcon's access tube doesn't correspond with the location of the turrets on the exterior. An annoying problem and the main reason why I threw away any idea of properly doing the Falcon. It seemed simply irreconsilable.


Beer makes Admiral think strangely, and a solution presented itself.
They cross from one tube to the other just out of shot.
Now, rest assured, I've checked, rechecked, and then did the checking malarky all over again, and it fits with every shot of the ship in the films.

I'm not saying it makes sense to do it that way, but it DOES work.

See the detail view.

Medium: Digital

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