The Wookiee Dutchabeen, or Dutch as his freinds call him, is a skip tracer for the enigmatic industrialist Sloane. He and is partner Arakand Bast, a Dran Shukkan wiseguy, travel the galaxy collecting on deals Sloane has made. Bast is the cultured 'spokesperson' for the duo, while Dutch, though very intelligent, acts as the silent, menacing muscle. Between the two, they always collect. Sloane, who's fortune rivals that of Palpatine and Xixor, outfits this pair with everything they need to accomplish their mission. They travel in a specially modified Skipray Blastboat named the Sloane's Collector.


I like it. This wookiee definitely has some menace about him. Very nice colour work with non-digital media. I'm jealous.


Thank you! I'm still learning all of the tips and tricks with digital. At this point, I would say I definitely have more skill on paper than on a monitor. Coloring by hand is so much more time consuming though.