Drall Scoundrel

Of course I know what it is. You were lucky you brought it to me. It's old for sure. One of these other merchants might have told you other wise or that it was a fake to get it cheap. Not me though. "Mr. Up and Up" they call me. What you have here is and old becon from the Sith Army. They would put these up to call for a nearby ship to extract them. Seen hundreds of these over the years though. Not that rare really. I may have a buyer if I can track him down. Lot of overhead you see. I can give you maybe 100 cred for it, since you seem like nice people.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tolben Renren


Hah!! What a dirty... well, scoundrel! Nice drawing, but the text adds worlds of flavour.


Dude, nice! I totally agree with Tuss.

I also like your take on the Drall. It's different enough from the established pictures to be totally unique, but definitely recognizable as a Drall.


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