Codename: Carrier

Since the day Beroodo first saw a ship reaching for the hazy starscape over Nar Shaddaa as a child, he was driven by the urge to fly. As a youngster the Smuggler’s Moon provided ample opportunity for him to get close to freighters and their crews, and to learn all he could from them. From his encounters with Nar Shaddaa’s unsavory denizens he learned much about starship mechanics and weapons but the information he most desired, piloting skills, eluded him. Lessons and opportunities to fly were reserved for those who could afford them, which excluded the vast majority of Nar Shaddaa’s population. The unreachability of his goal drove him all that much harder to achieve it. For several of his adolescent years, he spent every waking moment working at the spaceports to earn and save the credits he needed. He held all manner of jobs from handling cargoes to cleaning starship hulls trying to fill his purse. He was sixteen when tragedy struck as a particularly virulent strain of the Hutt flu washed through Nar Shaddaa’s underworld like a tidal wave. Beroodo escaped the epidemic but his mother and two of his three younger siblings were not so fortunate. His father, who had been conscripted to labor for the Hutts on Nal Hutta, had not been heard form for several years and was presumed dead. That left Beroodo with his sister Igretti’s mouth to feed and only his personal savings with which to do it. For another year, he continued to work at the ports where he had began to achieve some status as a skilled worker, but the income was barely enough to sustain his small family. Opportunity came when half the crew of an independent freighter was killed in a spaceport explosion. The captain needed to quickly refill her ranks and Beroodo’s reputation put him at the top of the list. He took the job as the ship’s cargomaster on the condition that his sister be allowed to join him. The captain reluctantly agreed as long as she too earned her keep. The next day the pair of Rodians boarded the vessel Where Credit’s Due, never to look back. Within months of his employment on the aged freighter, Beroodo was introduced to the flight training for which he had yearned so long. As his experiences behind the stick grew, he and his sister remained members of the small group of constants in an ever-changing crew. Because of the high turnover rate, within two years Beroodo was one of the ship’s most experienced crewmembers and was assigned the duty of lead pilot. In the mean time, Igretti had worked her way into the position of ship’s cook and part time comm officer, earning her keep as promised. Several years of routine cargo runs punctuated by undesirable run-ins with the Hutts and pirates came to an end when the Where Credit’s Due was stopped and boarded by an Imperial picket ship under the command of a particularly vicious Major Erex Bishoffer. The Imperials, mistakenly suspecting the crew of smuggling, tore the vessel apart searching for anything that would implicate them and lead to an arrest. When individual crew searches began many of the non-human crewers were herded into the ship’s meager lounge. Though trace amounts of glitterstim were found, the boarding party found insufficient evidence to process the freighter’s people. However, Major Bishoffer took the opportunity to berate and abuse the gathered aliens. On the announcement that the Imperials were leaving the vessel to go about its business, Beroodo’s sister Igretti scolded the officer for his blatant xenophobia and abuse of power. Bishoffer, a stringent believer in Emperor Palpatine’s anti-alien policy, shot the defiant Rodian in cold blood before turning the leave. It was in that moment that Beroodo’s hatred of the Empire was forged and solidified. He could do nothing to bring his last remaining relative back, but he vowed to see Major Bishoffer dead. He continued on as the freighter’s pilot for another few seasons but was constantly distracted by his secret need for vengeance. In a fateful encounter, Beroodo, who had had a little too much ale in a late night cantina session, disclosed his vessel’s cargo and rout to a stranger with whom he was sharing a secluded booth. He thought nothing of it until his ship was ambushed and disabled at a remote hyperspace relay point. The Where Credit’s Due was again boarded, this time by members of the fledgling Rebel Alliance. They announced their intent to “liberate” the freighter’s cargo of foodstuffs and medical supplies in the name of free people everywhere. Beroodo, intrigued by the group, their goals and the opportunity they may afford him to exact his revenge, resigned on the spot and signed on with the freedom fighters. They took him into their ranks and quickly put him to work where he was most skilled, as a pilot. He spent a brief period in Starfighter command but actually became bored with the ease and nimbleness with which snub fighters reacted. He was used to the challenges of controlling large vessels with many intricate systems and it was there that he ended up. He once again found himself flying cargo and troops, this time through hot-zones of rebel activity. His skills behind the stick of midsize and large vessels became the stuff of legend among the Rebel Navy. Once again fate crossed Beroodo’s path when he was assigned to transport a unit of Lt. Page’s commandos into a particularly heavily fortified system. The delivery went smoothly and as planned but the mission on the ground was doomed from the start. The commandos eventually found themselves pinned down in a crossfire between two Imperial heavy armor units. Beroodo answered the call for extraction by destroying half of the Imperial threat on the way in, picking up the desperate troopers, and making it back to hyperspace, all without suffering a single hit. The brilliant flying caught the personal attention of Lt. Page who requested the Rodian be transferred into the commando corps. Beroodo was given several dozen routine missions in his new role, when Page announce the formation of a new special operations commando unit for extended deep cover and long range missions. Beroodo’s skill as a pilot, familiarity with starship weapons and experience with galactic underworld places like Nar Shaddaa made him a prime candidate for the group. Page and Rebel Alliance intelligence set Beroodo on the task of obtaining and specializing a vessel for the unit. He chose a Correllian YT-2000, which he modified with exceptional weaponry, shields, engines and sensors. He topped it off by making all of these systems undetectable through external sensor scans. His new pride and joy, dubbed Inertia, became the flagship for the Alliance’s premier surgical strike team, Nexu Squad. As part of the unit, he was given the call sign Carrier. Beroodo continued excelling in his career to the rank of Lieutenant, all the while, keeping his ears open for the chance of a mission on which he could again cross paths with the Imperial Bishoffer.


Cool Rodian! The world cannot have too many cool Rodians... I like how he wears his jacket over his flight suit.