Captain Bulsara

Completed request for Velovich of his hard-working NPC (?) Captain Bulsara.


NPC stands for non player character un less that stands for something else but i belive not.
It is probably for a game like star wars galaxies.

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four squads of power
Blood Storm Fire Water
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Hi Karl,

My "(?)" was for whether or not the character was an NPC, not what NPC stands for. Been playing PnP for years, so I'm quite aware of what the acronym stands for ;)



I'll go with Judas on this one, it really does remind me of McHale's Navy - the jacket, cap, sweater, and a brilliant face-palm moment.

Just chatting with an online friend at the moment as we're both discussing this pic:

Vanger: "Awww, arent the Baby Rancors kyoot?"
Jadeonar: "Or Krayats?"
Vanger: "Unkrayted Dragons now... " :P
Jadeonar: :D

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Plus he looks kinda like a young Ernast Borgnine.
What with the eyebrows and all.


Hey, guys!
The image was done for me and the actor I used for the character is Jon Tenney - you may have seen him on "The Closer" as FBI Agent Fritz Howard.

It's a great image, and the character has had a LOT of moments like the one pictured.

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