BP-01 "Beep", Custom Mechanics Droid

Custom droid built by Daelon Villis.

Can be worn as a backpack.

Will post full game stats when I can find them. But for right now.

Some of his features are:
2 Retractable claw appendages
Magnetic Feet
1 Retractable Multi-Function Appendages
Heuristic Processor
Scomp Link
Small Storage Area containing:
Survival Kit
1 Spare Energy Pack


That is great! And nice to have seen it in action in the previous piece, too. Aaahh, Jak's gotta get herself one of these.

Lord Cygnus

Wonderful design here, It sounds like a good Droid for a Mechanic or maybe even a Slicker, I think Asok Yeesrim needs one of these, don't you? >;-D


Ha! Asok is a pro! He would never need such help!

Ok... I concede he might need SOME help... sometimes...



Really cool!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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