Been awhile

So I'm back, wasn't all that active even before I dissapeared for awhile. Anyway, so I invested in a wacom tablet and am learning how to do actaul digital art. I still have at least 4 layers of color to do on this piece before I can start shading. Woot woot. 


Anyway, in the picture thats one of my clone troopers, Hades, and yeah! Who knows when I'll finish it or how often I'll be posting any other drawings or whatever. Just thought I'd post this and yep! 


Welcome to the wonderful world of digital drawing! Since I bought my first Wacom over ten years ago, I've rarely touched a pencil. Keep up the good work!


Thank you! Oh wow, O_O. Did it take awhile to ajust to digital over pencil? 

Im not really sure I'll ever slow down/not do traditional art as much as usual, I'd like to be able to do both, the main reason I got into digital is I wanted to get more detailed in my drawings, which I feel I could do better in digital untill I can get larger sketchbooks/paper to work on in traditonal. 


I think the other way around is more difficult. Going back to traditional after enjoying the benefits of CTRL-Z and layers, etc is confronting.

So try to keep your traditional skills trained as well, they will benifit you in the long run, even in your digital work. It's a mistake I made in th past.


Hi there! :D

Working digitally is amazing, but I still find myself at my best combining them; working in pencil or inks first, and then going digital for colours. I'm always mad impressed with people who can do clean, expressive linework digitally. Braltika speaks wise words in saying to try and keep up all your skills!

I hope we get to see more from you.