2WB Deckplan

Bit of fun, inspired by Liberty's Meelina.

This is the Have-A-Look, a busted up cheap Mobquet 2WB light freighter hauler, with bolt on ventral field container frame (omitted on plan view for clarity).

A small ship designed to be used for short haul trips, the 2WB (2 Wanki Bantha, since it features two Wanki Bantha ion engines) was an extraordinarily cheap vessel, popular with lower budget people. Mobquet were able to prduce the ship at a low price for several reasons; the hull is really just a gesture, barely capable of keeping the atmsphere in. The engines are pathetic. There are virtually no measures taken with passenger comfort in mind, and the aethstetics of the ship were completely ignored. The 2WB features no shields, no sensors and no weapons. Nor does it have the power capacity to mount them. The vessel's ridiculously underpowered particle shielding system cannot really cope, and as a consequence, most 2WBs are riddled with dents, and microfractures.
It's pure fluke that these clunky slow haulers are virtually indestructible. They operate perfectly comfortably even after extensive damage that would cripple any other ship. Their spaceframes are frighteningly basic, but pilots have brought 2WB's home with their primary matrices out of whack by as much as 47%, albeit, usually whilst wearing full environment suits.
The engines are so basic that they are either perfectly functional, or completely dead lumps of metal.

Anyhoo, like I said, bit of fun, but some might just like it enough for a game or two.

See [url=/view.php?photo_id=2471]Exterior[/url]

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