Two Mandalorians (well, far)


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Picked this one up from NinjaBear just about a year ago and was promptly slapped in the face by COVID quarantine, forgetting about it entirely. He has been very gracious (and patient), so here is the preliminary sketch of the first of two Mandalorian warriors. This one forged his armor from the remains of his parents Jedi Guardian uniforms. On the path to becoming an Armorer, I switched out the blade and rifle I had begun with, for a hammer and tongs.

This is the way...



I've been watching a lot of blacksmithing videos lately online. Really love the tongs and the hammer. The tongs ring really true to life from what I've seen, and the pose is great. Can't wait to see this one progress.


Hey gang. Little update. I think I have worked out the helmet and upper armor design for the second character, a foundling raised by Togruta. I tried to incorporate some of the shapes of the male Togruta horns into the helmet shape, and the lekku into the bolster around the neck. The colors and patterns on the armor when I do the color work will be the final touch to link him to the hunting pack.