Oss'ukkari - Lethan Twi'lek Padawan

An abandoned request posted by smokemare. Her name is Oss'uikari a Lethan Twi'lek Jedi Padawan. 16 Years old.

He described her wearing White Jedi Robes and a weilding a blue Lightsaber. I took the liberty of modifying her outfit to something akin to what most Twi'lek consider more comfortable but still trying to maintain a 'Jedi' look. She wears a self-imposed 'gag' of sorts on her Lekku which prevents her communicating to other Twi'lek which was described as an 'unremovable helmet' with three ring bands around each Lekku chaining both Lekku forwards and together.

Instead of having all the chains forward, I placed the middle one in the front and the top and lowest towards the rear keeping the Leku from flailing about in combat/acrobatics. To give it a slightly 'cruel' appearance, I made them look tight fitting.

Lord Crumb

I see a strong Ashoka Tano stance and the reverse grip on the lightsaber.  Good pic with nice shading and the look on her face is excellent.  Good job.


It is a certain type of fighting style that does the back-handed grip.  I forget the name of it...  But Dooku used it with his sabers from time to time if I remember correctly.  It has a name in Star Wars Lore... it's not only Ashoka's style, though Ashoka used this style.

Lord Crumb

Oss'ukkari appears to be using Shien, which is known for the reverse grip.  Galen Marek, Ahsoka Tano, and Adi Gallia are also known to use this style.

Sorry, for some reason I still cannot get the link feature to work for me.  Xan can you send me a step by step on it please.


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