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For the monthly theme - Mirialan and Miraluka martial artists. I want to do a background, but I'm stuck for ideas. I drew a weird desertscape, but I don't think I like it. Any ideas?



A bamboo grove of course! The ultimate combat desination for any master of martial prowess!


I have to admit that I like the idea of a bamboo grove... But maybe with a Star Wars Twist of live plants with Teeth on the tops?


That would be awesome! Maybe something like uh... The Great Sarlacc on Felucia then? It's got loads of teeth protruding from the ground which is all gummy like its mouth with cancres and cysts and stuff. Maybe that's a bit extreme...


You could go gladiator arena with it, blurred out stadium background with banners and whatnot. (edit- It'd be funny, I think, to see poorly drawn banners for the Miraluka supporters.  They can't discern color, right?)

Lord Crumb

Roof top somewhere on Coruscant above the clouds with buildings peeking up out of the clouds. Or a grease pit in a maintenance shop.  Hope these ideas help Ner vod.


I get the sense of a couple of professionals in a competition sort of situation- how about something more like a dojo? A... space dojo?


I've been contemplating something like, in the audience of a Hutt. That would give an opportunity for a space monkey!

On the other hand, the 'fighting in the clouds above the buildings of Coruscant" sounds really cool, visually...




It made me think of the fight from the Mummy 2. I like the dojo idea. But, have a window with a veiw of clouds....mountain top egyptian style dojo in a monkey rich space bamboo-esqe forest..TA-DA