Dual Walkers

Medium used: Photoshop w/tablet, image references
Time: 6 hours
Request here - http://www.swagonline.net/node/6569

The request for artwork of the AT-ST/A variant and the AT-AR variant walkers. The AT-AR wasn't too hard to find reference material for so it ended up being pretty easy to do. The AT-ST/A variant was harder as it is a combination of two different models, one of which was a prototype. Using references from both models I was able to come up with an approximate design of what it may have looked like.


This is exactly as awesome as I hoped it would be. Which is to say, extremely awesome.



I think I commented on these in your work-in-progress stage. They look great all finished up, I like the design details in the legs!


First, thank you for doing this piece.The AT-AR looks really awesome and I must admit that I didn't expect the AT-ST/A to resemble the way that you interpreted it to look but it turned out excellent anyway. I'm pleased because in my view you captured a model that would serve as a testbed of future design and development concerning the AT-ST and AT-ST/A beautifully rather than it rendering the model itself due to the reference material I've come across as scarce as it is( I could show you if your interested?) All in all a very good job and thank you for taking the time to do this because you didn't have to and your handwork is very much appreciated.


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