Jedi Assassinated

Sith Assassin's lurk around every corner. One Jedi, and his unfortunate escorts, have discovered the dangers of one of these Operatives too late.

This piece was done as concept art for a custom level in Jedi Academy. The project was to design, from the ground up, an sample expansion planet for SWTOR to showcase my worldbuilding, design, and storytelling skills to Bioware. In this case, the scene happens mid-way through the level and right at the point where the player has to make a choice: protect fleeing refugees and let their jedi ally thus far get struck down (light side), or they could protect their jedi companion and let innocents get mowed down (dark side) instead. This is what they would be treated to if they choose the lightside option.

Medium: Entirely digital (Photoshop)
Size: 7.4x4 inches @300 DPI

Lord Crumb

That is just so KEWL!!!! The detail is amazing as is the colors.

Kia kaha - stay strong
Aliit ori'shya tal'din - Family is more than bloodline