Ambush amongst the ruins!

Jedi flock to beacons of knowledge, ancient libraries full of information - it is for that reason that Sith will often stage ambushes there.

This piece was done as concept art for a custom level in Jedi Academy. The project was to design, from the ground up, an sample expansion planet for SWTOR to showcase my worldbuilding, design, and storytelling skills to Bioware. In this case, we see the final area of the planet: the freezing night half of the planet. To the winner goes the spoils of ancient knowledge and power; To the looser, a cold lonely death in a desolate structure.

Medium: Entirely digital (Photoshop)
Size: 7.4x4 inches @300 DPI


This reminds me a lot of The Force Unleashed II when you go into the Jedi Temple. Lots of good detail here.