Valkryie Cain

Request from Eben Shadestalker.

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Nice! I feel like this is the natural culmination of your style - like this is what you've been working for - and you nailed it!



Anyone else picturing her running across the fields of Mandalore to the strains of Wagner's 'Flight of the Valkyries'?


I'm picturing her lots o'things. None of them speakable.
I can say, though, that one of them involves a kitten, a cement truck, and two dozen frozen yogurt pops.


Hey good-lookin'

Is that a knife in your hand or are you just angry to see me?

Great job on this one. I love-love-love the lace effects. Pose and expression are terrific. Outfit design: top notch.


"Sweetie, please put the knife away; when I said I like it rough, I didn't mean that rough!"
Links removed because the spam filter apparently doesn't like me, but I shall have vengeance. And maybe beer. Beer and vengeance.

Eben Shadestalker

this reminds me about the time she got locked in a cell and her cellmate (a very annoying republic agent pretending to be a smuggler )asked her to get him out of his cell so she stabbed him in the hand with her sharp hair pin he got out all right but had to go to Hospital its beautiful


Awesome job - I love the costume design & colour scheme on this one. The lace pattern looks incredibly good!


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