The Squad

Omega Squad, circa January 2010!

I've been threatening to do a 'movie poster' style picture of the group for waaaaay too long now, and I've finally knuckled down and done the thing!! Now I can hardly stand to look at it anymore, haha, here's hoping I don't find a thousand and one errors when I stare at it tomorrow morning.

We've got...

Shan Xe; the Shard who calls himself a Jedi Master, though the group is finding him increasingly difficult to trust...

Nimeq Viith; Zabrak soldier/medic, as loyal as they come, and... why, yes, she does happen to be dual wielding a pair of blaster rifles...

Tusserk Antilles; oh, Tusserk. Cheer up, buddy.

Lonar'Anar; Twi'lek Captain, strong in the Force and an Officer for Alderaan... but still searching for some sort of real direction in his life...

Shara Thy; snot-nosed Togrutan noble brat who happens to be a darn fine martial artist, wheedling herself into the group because she's got something to prove...

Oh, and look, there's Reek, Lonar's astromech, filling in some space! That's a Terentatek horn glued onto him. He earned it.

And Klopan, Ruttager and Kieran hanging out down the bottom there...


Sweet! Does that astromech have a HORN?

I love the bright lucid toon style and vivid colors. :)



:D Thanks guys!!

Haha, yeah, the astromech has a horn! Lonar's astromech NPC (who earned himself the nickname 'Reek') has a habit of getting himself involved in fights way beyond his capabilities. One such fight involved a battle with a pair of terentateks, during which he very nearly got smashed to pieces, and when Nimeq was collecting samples from the dead beasts after we finally defeated them, Reek helped himself to one of their horns. Later that session, we were protecting someone from a couple of Imperial officials, and Reek once more decided he needed to be a part of it... on a whim, the GM decided that he would LAUNCH said horn at the imperials, mainly for laughs.

He rolled a 20. Reek has worn that horn with pride ever since. XD


Totally epic poster there Tusserk!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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I love the ability to put so many things on a piece. After one I get so distracted...if I get that far. You are very well rounded.


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