Ona & Mama Lizard

Request from Kalenath.

Scene from the on-going story HERE in which Mama Lizard (Barabel) comforts Ona (Bothan), a healer of the Bladeborn.

I find this an interesting concept, partly for trying to convey emotion on non-human faces, partly because the subjects are also dark-siders.

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Lord Crumb

Nicely done. The color shading is great and expression on the characters faces is excellent.

Kia kaha


Excellent work as always, Mercy, but... I'm ashamed to ask... or maybe it's just me... but where is the Bothan's hand going? And why is the Barabel looking so... naughty?

Then again, maybe it's just me... probably.

Nevermind. I'll shut up.



Jace, do YOU want to say that... To her face?

And Mama Lizard is trying to comfort, so, yes, the Bothan is hugging her. And if that is naughty, well, YOU can explain that to the Barabel, while I stand... all the way over there...

Anyways, NICE job Mercy, as always.


I think the Bothan's hand is going around the Barabel's waist, under her robe. And the Barabel has a naughty expression, because frankly I don't think they have any other expressions. ;)



Ha ha! Thanks guys!

Ona's hand is so dark it didn't show up - sorry! I totally see what you mean, but it IS only meant to be a hug!!

Found it really hard to get any expression other than 'angry' on the face of a Barabel... Ah well, next time!


I love this!! Especially fond of Mama Lizard's attire-- she looks like one heck of an intimidating Barabel to come across.


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