Evolved Sith Starfighter

This starfighter was done a request over on TF.N boards a while back. The concept was that the design of the Sith starfighter from the KOTOR era was melded with new TIE technology.


Oh, I love it. Very great combination of these two sweet designs, damn well done! :D


It is "TIE" in nature. :-) I'm actually interested in it, but I've got a few other things I need to model first. But I may end up doing this one, yeah. :-)



Wow, it's awesome to see this again and have always loved this particular piece, Sith. This was my request back in the day for a fanfiction that I had been working on that's currently defunct. It's called the TIE Vindicator and is the fighter of choice for a rebelling Imperial star system between ESB and ANH. It was created using Rakatan replication technology and is a combination of fighter blueprints found in the system, updated with current TIE technology.

If anyone is interested in the official write-up I did for it, I'll gladly dig it up.