San Diego Comic-Con was so much fun, as usual. There was amazing art everywhere, I got to meet a bunch of artists and say hello to some of my favorites. I spent way too much money on stuff I don't really need. But my favorite part was getting this photograph of me and my friend Steve with the star of one of my all-time favorite "bad" movies.

Did anyone else go?




I know Jeff Carlisle was there, he usually is. We really need to get a schedule of events up on the site and let people make mention of the fact that they'll be there. *jots that down for the next version of SWAG ideas*



Haha! I used to read the Elvira comic in my younger days... took it out of a crate of comics I stole from my dad.



That picture would have been great if you were each grabbing a boob. She may have let you if you slipped her a twenty...