Executive Order 9066

Doing a little research and came across Executive Order 9066 which without making it a long story was America's answer to internment camps for Japanese Americans during the 1940s. I wonder if Lucas decided to use this for Order 66 or if it's just a coincidence.?


An interesting thought Scriado. They say those who don't study history are destined to repeat it... perhaps those that do study are as well? :-)



Interesting find, but it can always be the fact that 66's such a "mystical" number, dunno...

Would be neat if it really was the inspiration, tho. "There's no such thing as a coincidence", after all. :D

Evan Black

Order 66 also has many similarities to the elimination of the Knights Templar, or "Operation Hummingbird" in the Nazi party. "Art mirrors life" is another maxim to consider here...


I echo the Knights Templar sentiment. There are a LOT of similarities to what happened to the Templar Knights and the Jedi Knights, the reasons it happened, and the follow-up effects.

I like to think that George made those connections on purpose...


I agree with the Knights Templar as grounds for reference, just wondering why '66' is the number he chose really.


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