Back :)

Hey hey all.

Im an old member returning (think my last art I did displayed here was 2002 pretty much when SWAG was started! Life has been hectic with all sorts going on in my life, and finally a little more time and with the new year my new years resolution was to pick up that penicl and load up photoshop again. Oddly enough ive started running a Star Wars campaign with friends on a weekend which has led to a lot of inspiration.

Ive not done work in many years but Im looking to update and upload alot more of my work this year as it gets completed and open to many requests and inspiration from all.

I must say Im impressed with alot of the work now displayed here and looking forward to being part of the community once again.



I think a google link of one of your pictures actually broght me to SWAG.
Glad to have another great artist here.


James Gibson! That's a name I've not heard in a long time, a long time. Welcome back, man. Can't wait to see new stuff from you.