Greetings Gentlebeings...and not so Gentlebeings

I just wanted to take the time and write a little since I haven't really posted much since I joined this site.

I find much of the artwork here on SWAG inspiring, as well as some of the stories. It's always great to discover a new outlet to explore and new friends to meet.

As is in my profile, I am an artist and gamer as well, being a member of SarksForce7 out here in Chicago which is a great group of guys and gals interested in terrorizing the Imperial Empire to no end, stepping on the toes (and tails) of various crime syndicates, and lots of other things I musn't discuss...

If there are any of you near the Chicagoland area (Cheese Heads included) who are interested in finding out more about our gaming orginization feel free to drop me a line as we are always welcoming new players to the campaign.

For insight into some of the things that go down in our group you can also check out out sites:



Welcome to Swag! glad you enjoy it here. Were glad you're here! :P

Jump in!