Four Horsemen: WIP


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Hey guys, been working on my portfolio now that I am out of school and seeking employment. Been trying out some CGhub challenges recently, right now I am working on the four horsemen and wanted to post it up here since I have been working digitally mostly these days for lack of watercolor space (I am making a huge piece in traditional media and it is hard to do anything else atm).

Anyways, this is all done in photoshop with my wacom tablet. I started out with a sketch, then used some reference material and began to render. Been working on this for about 3-4 days now off and on between other things. The size formatting is 11x34 inches horizontal at 300 dpi, cmyk set up. It's the biggest and most complext digital piece I have taken on so far. I also plan to incorporate type into the image.

This would make a cool GM screen =}