Feeling Villainous

Hey all....so, been a bit busy now and again with stuff.

Recently I lost internet connection...and found out that apparently I had a contract that was past due for artwork. It was odd, since I never got an email about it. I was contracted for work on three books for Cryptic Studios, creating character profiles based off existing designs for a kind of encyclopedia. I think....

Anyways, I got work done on book #1, then got an email for book #3. I thought it was weird I didn't get anything for book two....guess these things happen. So I am working asap on getting these done. It's only taken me a few hours but they are almost done, should be ready by tomorrow.

I am posting some of the work on my blog if anyone cares to look.




Damn! That is all so extremely awesome. I totally approve.

Incidentally, I'm trying out Champions online right now. Pretty rad!



Thanks....I was playing but it was consuming my soul....We had the league of stupid heroes....I was TamponGirl haha