Baby it's cold outside


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Hope everyone's having a great holiday!

It's been snowing a lot out here in Chicago and is too cold to go outside but it looks pretty even if it means a whole afternoon of shoveling.

Anyways, decided to do some digital work. I promised myself that I would keep up digital along with traditional medias and am happy with the work I am able to churn out. There are two images below. The first one Herr Drosselmeyers' Doll is based off the song by Abney Park. I did it in ball point pen (<----bad habbit) and laid in some watercolor washes in minimal areas though all of the background with some exception is watercolor. I then finished it up in photoshop.

The second one I did was an idea for Medusa. I have to admit I didn't push the snakes too much but I plan to redo it in watercolor so...meh. It's 100% digital media.

I'm also finishing up a character concept for my buddy, which is all digital. I'll see about posting that one later.



I. J. Thompson

Great stuff! I especially love that watercolour, which is something we never see enough of, in my opinion. :)