Market Day WIP


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If you look back at my gallery (and I have mixed feelings about you doing so) you'll see that it took me a long time to develope a style that I'm comfortable with.  Well I'm glad I found it, because it's the only way I could pull off these crowd scenes.  Man, am I really lovin' doing crowd scenes.  Not entirely certain whether I'll be able to colour this one, but I'll have to try. I feel that this one NEEDS colour.


Pic #2: Tightened up he lines.  Made a couple of minor changes.  All while being pounced upon continuously by tiny monsters.



I adore these scenes of yours, y'know. You have such a great sense of depth and perspective, and (whether or not this is actually the case - I know I'd spend  HOURS agonising over somehting like this...) it looks so effortless. Even in your gorgeous toony style, it's really believable. Love it. (Trandoshan is definitely my favourite here, though Mama Bothan is pretty great. And the guy leading the Ronto... is he a Duros?)


Thanks, Tuss. The ronto guy is just generic. He was too small for more detail, though he may be a duros now. I couldn't say how much time has gone into it so far, what with taking time out for the kiddos every 10 seconds. LOL


I've been thinking of putting together an illustrated source book to the Star Wars Judasverse. I think that would be funny. Plus, helpful to anyone wanting to wacky up their campaign. :p


Well, they head on over to The Wretched Hive, to settle their differences with a drinking contest, and then NOBODY wins. bwahahaha!


I think you may be refering to the Kubaz?   lol

It's realy hard to keep detail on those background chararcters.


Yeah, probably the Kubaz...  I think Jawa's standing on each others shoulders would be funny though :)