i worry about my style...

fellow swag artists... i have a confession. i worry about how my style fits in here. there are amazing artists that do some great work here. the style of these artists fits into a genre of art that fits very well into the RPG world. while i have been gaming ever since i can remember being alive! i feel that my style might not be what requesters want here. am i too stylized for this site? maybe i am... thats okay with me (i am true to my art. i can draw in any style i have come across, but this is how i want to draw) but i would like some honest feedback. give it to me straight swagers... am i too different for this site?



Jer, I like your style. Not that it matters what I think or should matter. It comes down to Do you like your style, do you like art and do you like Star Wars? It appears you like all three and it shows in your work.

A site like this needs people of varying styles so there are choices. I worry about mine all the time. I really don't have one so I experiment to find one I can use here. But it seems to me that each piece calls for something different as each requester does as well. Your characters have more character than most on here. Each is totally unique and well thought out. Your style adds fun to it all, which is why most of us do what we do ....the fun. Please don't go leaving or trying to change it up for us. Just work with the requester, they, on a case by case basis are the ones to please.


No! I've always felt this site needed more toon art! I remember browsing the old SWAG, coming across the odd bit of toonish character, thinking only I wanted more! There's a reason the Council accepted your application, Jer. ;)




Jer - there's no need to question yourself, your art style, or your talent. Your artwork is very cool and I, for one, really enjoy seeing your stuff.
Keep it up, man!!


okay great. thanks for the honest feedback and kind words. i am very comfortable and confident with my art. i was just concerned that i wasnt living up to what the site was trying to accomplish. glad to know i add something a little different that people appreciate :)

thanks again y'all! you guys rock my socks :)


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