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Here's a WIP request for Jaymach, A Togorian Weapons Specialist.

Update 20th November: : First colours, still playing with the colour of the pants and costume details. I'm also trying to strike a balance with the black fur, I don't want to make it too dark and yet still dark enough to give the idea that it is mean to be black and not just dark brown/grey.

Update 21st November: I did a sketch for the Togorian's Droid, though at the moment I don't think I'll be including it in the same image. I'm just not sure about the colour scheme - painted to match the Togorian's black and red stripes. That just doesn't seem StarWarsy to me.

Update 1st April 2008: I was recently contacted asking for my permission to use this Togorian on a FanFiction site, which of course was perfectly fine by me. They'd also recoloured the image slightly to fit better with their story, changing the red stripes and black fur to black stripes and grey fur and it was actually looked like an improvement over my original.
I had never been completely satisfied with my original version and while I was happy with the red stripes because it was a stipulation of the request it was one of a number of things that didn't sit right with me in terms of a finished art work.
So I took this oppurtunity to take a fresh look at the piece, change a few things and spruce things up a bit, and you can see the results below.

I'm going to leave the original in my Gallery here, but you can see the new version in full on my DeviantArt Page.



Holy crap, you started already? Looking very nice there, and definitely the kind of thing the player was going for. I'll be sure to show him the WIP at our regularly scheduled roleplaying this Tuesday. :)


Hey Stu,

How's life?

I'm also trying to strike a balance with the black fur, I don't want to make it too dark and yet still dark enough to give the idea that it is mean to be black and not just dark brown/grey.

One thing you might want to experiment with: How about lighting him from below (as well as normally/above), maybe through some tech stuff in the box he's got his foot on?

Like if the glowing stuff on the box is amber or electric blue or something, that would cast some strong eerie-ish highlights on the tufts of fur on his chest arms (especially left arm). Sort of like how Stirzy is doing it with his great D6 series. That way, you can use your two light sources (general lighting from above, maybe white-ish... plus the light from the electronics below) and avoid it turning the fur into just black blobs with no definition.

Have fun with it.

- Just another ghost in the holocron.


Thanks for the tip Ghost! :) That's something I think I might have a go at, a secondary coloured light source could add a whole lot more depth.

Cheers, Stu.


Ooo...very slick with the colours. I showed my roleplayer the picture last night, and he loved it. Said that he was pleased you went for the "lean" muscle look where the muscles are actually muscles rather than the "butch" musle look where the musles are mostly for show. You've definitely got the colours right though, especially the red. The player wanted the red to stand out and make it hard for him to hide so easily, without it looking like it was painted on or glowing. I'd say you definitely got the shade just right. :)

Very pleased with it, Stu. Thanks.


At work at the moment, but we aren't able to actually do anything so I figured I'd post here. The only problem I have with the droid is...well...that it has legs. :P I only say that because the droid kinda isn't meant to, as it relies on a repulsorlift to move around. If you prefer it with legs, however, then I'm sure we can work that into the story.

About the colours for the droid though - black and red isn't required. On the ship, we have two other droids who were bought and upgraded by the previous owners of the ship and so they have Bronzium plating, making them (rather obviously) bronze...though a bit battered up. If you did want to go ahead with the droid and aren't happy with a black/red colour scheme (doesn't have to be striped) then you could feel free to have some artistic license and shove some bronze plating over him...I can easily explain it away, being the GM and all. :)

Other than that, though, it's an excellent droid picture. It looks enough like the AD picture from WEG without being an exact copy which would be rather useless. I like it a lot. :)


It has no legs? Doh! I didn't read that bit in it's description, I just looked at the picture and assumed that it had been cropped at the knees.
Anyway, I tried composing the droid in with the Togorian and it didn't really fit, mainly because I was trying to size the droid in comparison to our feline-friend who, standing at 2.8m tall, would have dwarfed the droid.

The Togorian, on his own, is now up and can be seen here. Enjoy!



I REALLY love the new coloring. It's fantastic. The blue highlights are looking really awesome too.