An Old Friend Revisited


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Cheshire, United Kingdom

I've been AWOL from the Swag crew for over 2 years now and to mark my return I've been working on a new piece that I'd like to share my working with you here. It is finished yet, but I'll update this as and when I make more progress.

One of my personal favourites from my own gallery has always been the image of the Ithorian Potter which I completed as a request a little over 7 years ago (7 years! I don't quite believe that number myself! Where does time go?) The watercolour had a personal element to it since my Mum was a potter and I grew up in dusty workshops, surrounded by clay and pottery. I even hid one of her pots amongst the shelves.

So I was bored at work this week and started doodling the Ithorian again, this time with a view from the front, working at his primitive wooden, foot-driven wheel. I first imagined a StarWarsy electric wheel as I depicted in the original painting, I even had an idea of a R2 type droid with the spinning wheel mounted on it's head, which would have been fun to design but when came out of my scribbles was something more traditional and perhaps more fitting to Ithorian's love of nature.

Here is my first biro scribble ripped out of my work notebook, and my first pencil work. I'm not sure exactly how I intend to finish this yet, but I'll be sure to keep you posted here.



I am seriously considering cutting open your head and stealing your powers.

tic toc tic toc........


Stu, your stuff always amazes me - looking great!

-Raeree Giin, Jedi on the run.