Gungan Passenger Sub


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I started this sketch a while ago and only now felt confident to colour it. I'd always intended to tackle it in the same watercolours as my original Gungan sub, but that isn't really an option any more, however I am trying to retain a similar style and colours.

Pic#1 - Pencil Sketch
Pic#2 - First pass on colours. My old sub picture used for colour reference and also handily gives a sense of scale!

This is an armoured Gungan passenger sub, designed to navigate the more dangerous routes between Gungan cities with as much protection as possible. The body is segmented to help it maneavour through tight spots.

+10 points to whoever spots the Manga/anime influence. :)



Yep, I originally started looking at the Opee for inspiration since this was gonna be my own version of a Gungan Pirate Galleon. The design evolved though and became more passive and I looked at Trilobites for ideas. :)