Gungan Cutthroat WIP part.2


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An update on my progress. Nearly finished, mainly just adding layers of detail, shading and highlights now. Perhaps the biggest task left to do is to extend those swirly markings all the way down his right arm, though I have to admit, it's quite enjoyable and relaxing to get lost in those patterns.

Hopefully the next time you'll see this will be completed and in my gallery.

EDIT: See the finished piece here. I currently have no intention of colouring this, though I may in the future.



Keep it up Stu!!!
Its always great to see the process in which an artist works. It teaches some of us younger and less experienced a little something :P
I love the gauntlet and knife! Pimpness is the word the comes to mind...


I'm liking how this pirate is coming together in more detail. Nifty texture you've got on the pants there. Hey! didn't even notice it at first glance - his pants are ripped and torn in a few spots on the waist & thigh. The skin pattern is looking good too!


If only more official SW EU illustrators put this much thought into variations in a species like Stu does. He looks like another lean, tall Gungan like Jar Jar, but his eyestalk height and position of nostrils make him look so much different.

I can only swallow so many Rodians looking like Greedo or Neimoidians looking like Nute Gunray. The Neimoidians in The Phantom Menace were diverse. There's also a photo of a background Sullustan that looks different from Nien Nunb. Even Jawas' heights were so varied that there were one in A New Hope that appears to be as tall as a young teenaged human.


Hishgraphics: A View From The Tenth Freaking Floor


Cheers guys!

Good point Hish, I guess official artists find themselves alot more restricted by briefs and expectations.
I love the freedom that drawing Gungans gives me, since everyone hates Jar-Jar so much anything I do is an improvement right?
I've deliberately ditched the extendable eye stalks, which I thought contributed to Jar-Jar's goofy look, and gone with a heavier brow more akin to Captain Tarpel.

Vive Le Difference!


I've spoken with some of the artists who've done character work for LFL in the past and it seems they're pretty restricted in these regards. No ewok jedi, no gungan pirates... you know the drill. It's sad, but it's the plight of doing "official" art.