Non-Star Wars Ship


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As usual, all the concept artwork credit goes to Jeff Carlisle whose art I am constantly consuming and repurposing for my own usage. It's hard to find concepts better than his, and I'm certainly not ready to go spitting out awesome concept ships.

Original can be found here:

First image is the current GI Render, second is my polygons.

Interesting to note that the ship is in two pieces, the first being the cockpit hatch, the second being... the ship. No intersection of polys to reach this point, everything is a single polygon flow everywhere. It's not 100% perfect as I have a number of 4+ sided polygons to reduce before I finalize, but the poly flow is still pretty good, all details are modeled in. Current poly count is 17091:



Nice design! I think this could easily be co-opted into a Star Wars game.