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Here he is! Don't have much to say other than it was fun to draw! If there's anything you'd like changed, let me know, kay?

By the way, here's how I draw. I start with a rough sketch to tell myself where things should be, or how long or short or other things. I set that on a lower opacity then draw over it.

More Drig Drawing to come...!


Here we go with the coloring!

I create a layer under my sketch.

I then set my sketch's layer properties to Multiply. I can now color under my sketch without messing up my sketch.

On my new layer, I put flat colors, as you can see by my wip pic. this helps me to get an idea of what colors I want to use before it becomes to hard to change it later on. I can even play with the color of say his battle armor be going to replace color and selecting the color of the armor and moving the sliders until I'm happy with it.

After i'm satisfied with me color selection, I then create a layer between my sketch and flat colors. I set my brush to an opacity of 20 percent and put it on a soft edge (you can select any brush you'd like for all kinds of different effects but I like to start with soft), then I select a darker or lighter color and paint on my new layer to create shadows and highlights. Multiple brush strokes are often necessary. this is the longest part of the process for me because you actually paint the picture. I posted my layer of shadows and highlights by itself so you can see it.

After that I put some kind of background and flatten my image. I then adjust contrasts and highlights and colors to makes sure I get the image I want.

Voila! I'm done!

See how it all came together for me soon on the main page!



Sweet! I like! And I didn't understand half of what you said about your process. :) A couple things, though: could you make the knives a little wider and/or have the serrations go the entire length of the blade (for a kind of chainsaw effect), and have the armor a little more primitive / gnobby? If not, that's cool; I definitely like it! Thanks, man!


No problem Garrel. I implemented your ideas closer to what you were hoping for, I think and it should be up soon. Hope you like it!