Darth Plagueis, The Wise WIP


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Here it is. I believe this is technically my second WIP blog ever...




Very nice!

If I may, some suggestions based on experience:

(a) Work big to small. Block everything in already (like his legs and whatever background you have in mind) using large, very general areas of color. This will help you figure out how the whole picture "works" and prevent you from getting too obsessed with the finer details (like the head) too early in the process.

(b) Don't be afraid to use a hard edged brush for that face.

It looks like it's moving along really well. Good luck and have fun!

- Gith


Thanks for the advice Gith and Acheron!

Im trying something a little different this time around and I am a little nervous about it. I'm very used to doing things with some form of line art. This is a little out of the box for me.

The advice is great Gith! I had kind of hit a road block and I think you nailed why. Thanks for the help!