Dark Jedi in Armor


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Here's a WIP sketch I've started working on. I'm getting a little better with photoshop. I haven't really drawn much of anything in the last 10 years so I am still shaking the rust off. I thought I'd post this WIP as added motivation to get it completed and for comments and critique.

The drawing is of a Dark Jedi, one of Emperor Palpatine's dark side adepts raised on the planet Byss. He wears armor and will have a sith symbol tattooed on his forehead.



I've scrapped the original drawing and decided to go in a different direction. I wanted to do a full body pose. Now I'm just trying to come up with something funky to do with his gauntlets and boots.



It looks really good.. The only thing I see wrong with it, is his left hand ((the one with the saber)) is way to far to the left side, he'd have to have monkey arms to get it that far over :)

when you are holding a saber, you are usually holding it out in front of you, like middle of your chest, unless you are going for a block, then the saber would be tilted towards the one side. But that's my opinion.. I don't claim to be an artist. It's just what I think looks a bit off.

I like your sketch though.. He looks very intense. Wish I could draw faces that well.


There's nothing wrong with holding a lightsaber that way, or having the arm extend that far. But if the arm is in that outstretched position to the opposite side, the shoulders need to be twisted to give some leeway. Try acting out the pose in real life and observe how your body moves.



Ahhh.. I see what you are saying Asok... yeah, I can see that working, but with the plate armor on the shoulder, it may make that movement hard.