One small step...

My newest was submitted last night, but it doesn't appear to be up yet. I thought they went up automatically? I dunno... I don't know anything about this stuff. Anyway, hopefully you'll pop in to tell me what you think.

I've started conceptualizing a new one... Something without Jedi (gasp!). I've done some preliminary sketches and thumbnails for it, I'll put them up later this week if I get a chance. I've even started to work out the poses using poser, which by the way, is an awesome tool if you've never used it. It can be really helpful to work out weird angles and lighting, and is relatively simple to use.

I've talked in the past about just tracing over poser screen caps in photoshop, which, when I tried, I found to be a bad idea. It's really more of a reference tool than anything else, as I've found that just tracing the figure causes it to lose most of the personal style elements.

Anyway, peace.


Yeah, stuff still goes through an authorization process, it would have gone up sooner but I was in a meeting for 6 hours today. :-) Sorry.

I love the work, it's fantastic!



Hey CCR, I loved you latest piece; very dynamic and a strong use of colour. It'd be great to see more of your sketches and WIP stuff, stick it all here in your blog (it's real easy, honest)!

Using Poser for, err, poses sound like a great idea. I might take a look into that! :)


Thanks Stu!

Yeah, poser is pretty handy-dandy. I had a little bit of trouble with including multiple figures (do to the way the camera works), but it's still a great help, and relatively simple to composite the figures in photoshop.

I've been meaning to do the WIP stuff, I just never get around to it. I'd like to soon though... Hopefully tonight.