My vengeance is at hand.

I have ideas. Ideas for pictures; and I may draw them.

I think I'm going to bust out with poser and rock some interesting angles. I have no qualm about using poser at this point in my life. It is simply a tool. I liken it to using a calculator only after you've actually learned to add.

Hopefully I will not come to rely on it as contemporary cultures rely on the spell check in Word so as not to appear illiterate.

Honestly, looking back at when I did trace, I actually think it helped me develop as much as freehand drawing did back then. Muscle memory and all that.

So yes, trace the hell out of poser. It rules.


Just for reference Hish...


would be the subscription link for CCR's blog :-) doesn't the new site kick major tail? Yeah ok, so I'm proud, sorry...



You can subscribe to my blog??? Holy crap. Kris, is there no limit to your invention?


I just pick good tools to make myself look bad ass :-) You'll notice that you can subscribe to a lot of things on the site now. Any time you see a little orange icon under all the posts that looks kind of like radio waves that means that you can subscribe to the content of that page, be it a specific person's blog or say... all the blogs at once on one feed, there's a lot you can do... you could even potentially subscribe to the news section if you wanted. I haven't yet (but may in the future) make it possible to subscribe to a particular artists images as well, so again using CCR as the example you could actually go to his gallery and look for the little orange icon (again I've not enabled this yet) and then that icon would subscribe you to CCR's images. As he uploads new ones, that subscription will alter accordingly.