Kris, you're a frickin' genius, this thing actually works.

This is pretty sweet. What a nicely excellent diversion of time while I wait out the final forty minutes of my harrowing work week.

It doesn't seem like anyone else has registered for the site, or uploaded any images... I may be the first, and only one. It feels me with a slight hint of dread, as if I were the last human on a planet full of hyper advanced ... muskrats.

While looking at my lone image with pride, two things struck me, first, that it's not very cool, and secondly, that it doesn't even look good. I suppose there's a third thing, which would be that I don't like it anymore. Highly unlikely that I'll fix it though.


Well I think you'll find that this is totally a scenario of "If you build it, they will come". That in mind, I think this will be a great diversion for all involved. I think things will really kick into gear once I get the new look a feel put up and we get the old swag moved off.

I think your image looks fine. Once we finish with this crazy image categorization push, your gallery will look much better. :-)