Happy New Year

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone here a Happy New Year. Well, everyone that subscribes to my blog, anyway. I think there's like five of you. Anyway, you five are my personal fav's.

GITH's newest is absolutely stunning. It's so good it kind of makes me want to give up. I'm pretty much at the point where I feel like that's the point where I need to be at, and I'm frustrated that I haven't been as consistent at pushing myself or doing much of anything for the past five or six years. Otherwise I too might have developed my skills to the point he has. Seriously, everything he does now just takes my breath away, especially when I think about his old SWRPGNetwork stuff.

GITH my friend, you have come a long way, and I'm really proud of you. You've definitely raised the bar, man.

I'm working on a new piece right now, but I'm going to keep reworking it until it comes out the way I want it to. It might be awhile. I'll post the pencils sometime soon.



Good to hear you're pushing yourself, I think that's what SWAG's about, gentle encouragement! I for one wish I could draw at your level (much less GitH's). So we all have our admirers.

I can't wait to see the new stuff.