Finally, it is done.

Last night I finally finished that last batch of album artwork. It's good to be done.

It's funny, really. It's something that I really enjoy doing, but by the end of it every time I usually end up feeling pretty burnt out. I think it's probably all the stress of trying to reconcile the time necessary for this kind of thing with my work schedule.

Anyway, maybe I'll post some pictures of the finished art sometime, here in the blog.

The good news is that now that I'm free for awhile, I can work on things that I really want to draw, for instance some kickass star wars illustrations! Well, they'll be star wars anyway. ;)



I totally hear you. I just finished the front cover art of a christmas program I do every year. Just dropped it off, and boy is that a load off. Maybe I can do some star wars art now too (if only I could quit my job).



Amen to that. This job thing is really getting in the way of all my dreams...